AS-Premium Luxury shower head

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Be assured that can have elastic skin and glossy hair

Manufactured by: KNTeC, Korea

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AromaChlorine FreeVitamin CWater SavingNegative ions

Aroma Therapy Effect: The ingredients of natural aroma oils and Vitamin C enable you to enjoy the shower with Aroma fragrance and Vitamin C.

Removing 98% chlorine from tap water: Vitamin C in a gel type of your filter remove trihalomethane and residual chlorine in the tap water.

Providing Vitamin C: 0,6~1,2 mg/cc of Vitamin C is releaed in the water during shower. Supply Vitamin C equivalent tpo 3.000 Lemons. Help to prement skin trouble and make your skin more smoother and hair silkier.

Water Saving and Spa masage Effect: Thanks to the patented water spary plate holes it saves by 15~30%. You can also enjoy Spa Massage Effect like showering in a waterfall, because of 1,5 times higher water pressure and fine water stream.

Negative ions:  Thanks to patented triangle spary plate hole, it can generate 421.000 pcs/cc Negative ions and foggy shower mist.

Comes with aroma-vita gel filter that lasts up to 6000 litres. Easy to install.

Certifications held by Korea New Tech: Patent in U.S.A., Japan and China; President`s Emblem, Registration Utility Patent, “Excellent product” by Supply Administration in Korea, Korea Nwe Technology, “Environment Friendly Product” Mark, Prospective enterprise, ISO9001, ISO14001, CE Marking

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