Air Purifier ALADDIN

150.00 лв.


Small, beautiful and strong, cover area up to 15

Manufactured by: AIRTEC, Korea

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  • Time When You Need a Magic!
  • Recommended Space: Small room, kitchen, kid`s room, able to use in a car (Car-use charger), etc.
  • Use a single e-Nano film filter purify fine dust under 0.1 micron and other contaminants
  • e-Nano filter using powerful performance
  • Low-noise technology – 25 dB
  • Three ways of use – stand, lay, attach to wall

Filters: Carbon monoxide (CO) removal; Reduce the cost of replacing filters after cleaning and reuse; There is no risk of secondary contamination due to static electricity filter using polymeric resin material; Removing viruses, allergens, fungi and bacteria; Worldwide PCT patetnt application



Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 9 × 19 cm
Power supply

110-220V, 12V DC

Power consumption W


Noise level dB (A)

< 25


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